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Group sizes vary and may be limited to promote social distancing. Participants are encouraged to practice social distancing, frequent hand washing and to wear a face covering if social distancing cannot be maintained. All programs will be outdoors. If you are feeling ill or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you refrain from participating in this program.

Events Between
Outdoor Recreation Event

Race the Lake

High Cliff State Park is the halfway point in this multi-park race.

 High Cliff State Park
Wildlife Habitat Event

Steve Keller's Traveling Snake Show

Learn about the habitat of native Wisconsin snakes.

 High Cliff State Park
Forests Event

Know Your Wisconsin Trees

Celebrate National Public Lands Day by learning about Wisconsin's trees.

 High Cliff State Park
Outdoor Recreation Event

Halloween Campground Walk

Celebrate Halloween at High Cliff State Park!

 High Cliff State Park