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Forestry Song

Forestry song

Lyrics and resources to the song "The Forest is a Place Where We All Live" by Stuart Stotts, in celebration of 100 years of Wisconsin Forestry.

Song lyrics

Look down from an airplane, I'll tell you what you'll see.
From Madison to Menasha, Marinette to Menomonie
The great state of Wisconsin filled with trees.

The forest is a place for you and me
From the little bitty willow to the bur oak tree.
From the city to the country it will grow and give
The forest is the place where we all live.

It gives us boards and paper, it gives us shade and heat.
Makes oxygen for us to breathe and makes maple syrup sweet.
A place to climb and dream and swing our feet.

Home for hawks and badgers, home for deer and owls.
Hear woodpeckers tapping, and the black bear when it growls.
Listen as the distant wolf pack howls.

100 years before us, the pines had fallen fast.
Stumps decaying, wildfires raging through the piles of slash
We have learned some lessons from the past.

We'll plant trees where we need them and manage them with care.
Let the woods reseed itself, as it does everywhere.
A greener world for everyone to share.

Chorus motions

In the video clip below, songwriter Stuart Stotts shows the hand motions he has put to the chorus of his song, "The Forest is the Place Where We All Live." Note: Although some of the motions are loosely based on sign language words, this is NOT meant as a sign language interpretation of the chorus - but rather some motions to further engage people with the song. Our hope is that you'll be able to access at least one of the four versions of the video clip and you'll enjoy adding motion to the song!

Song credits

  • The Forest is the Place ¬© Stuart Stotts 2004
  • Stuart Stotts - guitar, banjo, vocals
  • Cinnamon Rudd-Haack - lead vocals
  • Cerisa Obern - ¬†backing vocals
  • Calli Obern - backing vocals
  • Ed Feeny - bass
  • Michael Walls - drums, congas and percussion
  • Bryan Husk - saxophone
  • Lou Berryman - accordion
  • Biff Blumfumgagnge - violin

Recorded at Randy's Recording, Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
Mixed by Stuart Stotts, Randy Green and Barbara Chusid
Produced by Stuart Stotts
Assistant Producer - Barbara Chusid

Songwriter's biography

Stuart Stotts has performed for children and adults throughout the Midwest (and often farther) since 1981. He gives over 250 concerts every year. He is the author of The Bookcase Ghost: A Storyteller's Collection of Wisconsin Ghost Stories, and he has released several recordings. Stuart owns a piece of the 16 million acre forest resource in Wisconsin and wrote the song "The Forest is the Place Where We All Live" to commemorate the 2004 Year of Wisconsin Forestry and the Centennial of the state forestry program. He can be reached through his website at