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Clean Diesel Grant Programs

The DNR administers the Clean Diesel Grant Programs to help reduce diesel emissions from both public and private vehicle fleets across the state.

These grant programs have made significant achievements across our state. For details, check out the Clean Diesel Grant Summary Report - December 2017 [PDF].

The DNR does not administer NOx reduction programs related to the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. The Wisconsin Department of Administration is the lead agency for this activity. For details, visit VW Mitigation Program [exit DNR].

We welcome your feedback. Please email your comments or suggestions about the Clean Diesel Grant Programs to Thank you!

Available grants

Available grants

There are no Clean Diesel Grant Programs currently available.

2019 DERA Wisconsin Clean Diesel Grant Program

Approximately $770,000 was awarded through the 2019 Wisconsin Clean Diesel Grant program to reduce emissions from older diesel engines across the state. The equipment and vehicles eligible for funding included school and municipal buses as well as nonroad engines, equipment and vehicles used in construction, cargo handling and agriculture. Application packages were due to DNR by January 3, 2020. Awards were announced February 21, 2020.

For 2019 grantees

2019 DERA Wisconsin Clean Diesel Grant Program

Below are forms required of recipients of the 2019 DERA Wisconsin Clean Diesel Grant.

Notice: Fillable PDFs only open in Internet Explorer. If you are using a different browser, right click on the document link, choose "Save target as" and save the file to a location on your computer. For more information, visit DNR's PDF help.

Lists of grantees

DERA Wisconsin Clean Diesel Grant Program grantee lists

If you would like a grantee list from 2008-2015, please contact