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CWD Volunteer Opportunities

Many Wisconsinites want to get involved with chronic wasting disease (CWD) efforts in their local area. In response, the DNR launched the Adopt-a-Kiosk (AAK) and Adopt-a-Dumpster (AAD) programs to expand hunter access to CWD testing and proper deer carcass disposal through local volunteer efforts. The programs give more hunters convenient opportunities to participate in CWD management around the state.

For information on other individual and group volunteer opportunities related to deer hunting, visit the Deer Donation Program page.


The DNR's self-service CWD kiosks provide hunters around Wisconsin convenient access to CWD testing. Hunters can use kiosks 24/7 to drop off their harvested deer's head for testing. To expand our locations, the DNR partners with volunteer individuals and organizations to construct and deploy even more kiosks each deer season.

Individuals or organizations can volunteer to sponsor a kiosk throughout the deer season, at a mutually agreed upon location with the DNR. Adopt-a-Kiosk partners can participate in the program at one of four levels:

  • Kiosk Host Level 1: Partners check kiosks regularly for samples and supplies, assist with hunter questions and notify the DNR for sample pick-up.
  • Kiosk Host Level 2: Partners cover Level 1 responsibilities and verify that paper data sheets are complete, which may include contacting hunters.
  • Kiosk Host Level 3: Partners cover Level 2 responsibilities, remove and properly store lymph nodes from deer and properly dispose of deer heads.
  • Construct-a-Kiosk: Partners purchase materials and construct a kiosk following the DNR's blueprint.

Adopt-a-Kiosk participants are responsible for all costs and guidelines associated with their level of involvement, but the DNR provides all kiosk supplies. Together, we can make CWD testing more convenient and increase hunter participation, which is crucial to the state's CWD monitoring efforts.

To show our appreciation, all Adopt-a-Kiosk participants will receive a certificate.

How To Get Involved In Adopt-A-Kiosk

Contact your local deer biologist to volunteer:

CWD sampling kiosk
An example of a CWD sampling kiosk.


Properly disposing of deer carcasses is an important way hunters can help slow the spread of CWD in Wisconsin. Through the Adopt-a-Dumpster program, partners work with the DNR to provide convenient deer carcass disposal locations, especially in areas where options are limited or unavailable. Partners in the program volunteer to sponsor a dumpster during the deer season, at a mutually agreed upon location with the DNR.

There are two ways partners can participate in Adopt-a-Dumpster:

  • Donate Full Cost: Partners adopt the dumpster, fund all costs and are responsible for following all guidelines associated with the dumpster program. The length of time the dumpster is available is determined by the participant and DNR.
  • Donate Partial Cost through Cost-Sharing: The cost-sharing program ensures that partners will not pay more than $500 for their share. In most counties, cost-sharing is available for up to three locations.

The DNR prefers to locate dumpsters on private land. However, options are available for individuals or groups to host locations on public land in consultation with the DNR.

To show our appreciation, all Adopt-a-Dumpster participants will receive a certificate.

How To Get Involved In Adopt-A-Dumpster

Contact your local deer biologist to volunteer:

Deer carcass waste dumpster
An example of a deer carcass waste dumpster.

More Ways To Get Involved

The DNR's Deer Donation Partners Program offers ways for individuals and organizations to grow participation in the Deer Donation Program in their local area. See the Deer Donation Program page for more information.