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State Forests Timber Sale Program

All state forest timber sales are available online.

A bid package is available about three weeks prior to the bid opening. This package includes:

  • map of each timber sale area;
  • legal description of the sale area;
  • purpose of the sale;
  • estimated volume by species to be cut;
  • minimum acceptable bid by species and product;
  • description of the cutting boundary;
  • general harvesting guidelines; and
  • and contract length and special contract requirements.

This timber sale prospectus also highlights the date, time and location of the bid opening and states the requirements for performance bond, stumpage payments, worker's compensation insurance and logger training as mandated by the DNR's forest certification program.

Bid requirements

Requirements for bidding on timber sales.

For your bid to be recognized, you must complete and submit Timber Sale Bid (Form 2400-049) [PDF]. You may also view the Timber Sales Contract (Form 2400-005) [PDF] to see the types of issues addressed in state forest timber sale contracts.

Certification numbers

Certification of Wisconsin's forestry programs by independent, third-party organizations means that management of Wisconsin's forests meets strict standards for ecological, social and economic sustainability. The state forests are certified under the standards of both the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forest Initiative.

Additional information

The Department of Natural Resources Timber Sale Handbook [PDF] outlines DNR policies and procedures for conducting timber sales on public lands (state forest and county forests).

The DNR Division of Forestry Silviculture Handbook describes the science-based and systematic approaches used by forest managers to implement management recommendations and decisions for each major timber type found in Wisconsin. These standards apply to all DNR-owned lands, all acreage designated as county forest land and private lands enrolled in the state's forest tax law programs.

Comments on timber sales can be directed to the property manager. When commenting, reference the property name and timber sale name or number. Property managers can be found using the department's contact page. More information about stakeholder involvement is available here [PDF].