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Requirements to Bid on State Timber Sales

  • Training requirement (effective for all sales after Jan. 1, 2006): Logging contractors (not necessarily the purchaser, if subcontracted) must document compliance with the Wisconsin Sustainable Forestry Initiative training standard [exit DNR].
  • Maintenance of Workman's Compensation Certificate.
  • Maintenance of performance bond and/or letters of credit for four (4) full years.
  • We require a bid on each species/product offered for sale. Bids must meet or exceed the total advertised value, based on a presale appraisal. Individual species/product may be less than their advertised value but cannot be $0.
  • Timber Sale Bid Form 2400-049 [PDF] must be used.
  • Awarding contract: A copy of the performance bond or cash deposit and required certificate of insurance evidencing workers' compensation must be received within six weeks of the bid opening, but before the contract is signed by the department or work commences.