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Best Management Practices Implementation Tracking System (BITS)

Many DNR nonpoint source (NPS) pollution reduction programs require external entities (counties, permittees, consultants and others) to submit data regarding how they are using provided program funds. These funds are intended to reduce NPS pollution and to meet state soil and water standards through the implementation of best management practices (BMPs).

BITS logo: blue text spelling out BITS; the S is formed from a stream on a green background

The BMP Implementation Tracking System (BITS) is a web portal being developed to efficiently facilitate this data submission and analysis, including the spatial component. Such a system will increase transparency to the public by summarizing how and where funds are being used. It will also allow DNR to better track and demonstrate progress towards reaching nutrient reduction goals related to TMDLs, Statewide Nutrient Reduction Strategy, and other DNR and EPA reporting requirements.

BITS is currently in use for Multi-Discharger Phosphorus Variance (MDV) projects, Targeted Runoff Management (TRM) grant final reports and Notice of Discharge (NOD) grant final reports. Additional modules are planned for future development.

BITS Modules

Multi-Discharger Phosphorus Variance (MDV)

The Multi-Discharger Phosphorus Variance (MDV) module is used for submitting MDV projects, plans and annual reports.


Shapefile Templates

Templates last updated: 9/1/21

Targeted Runoff Management (TRM)

The Targeted Runoff Management (TRM) module was released on March 1, 2021. Use this module for submitting final reports for TRM grants.


Shapefile Templates

Templates last updated: 9/1/21

Notice of Discharge (NOD)

The Notice of Discharge (NOD) module was released on Aug. 19, 2021. Use this module for submitting final reports for NOD grants.

After Nov. 1, 2021, all NOD final reports must be submitted through BITS.


Shapefile Templates

Templates last updated: 8/19/21

Additional Module Details

Shapefile Combined Templates

Use these templates if you wish to combine all BMP implementation data in one GIS database. These templates contain all fields for all modules. Note that they are subject to change as new modules are added to BITS. If you would like to be notified when the templates are changed, sign up for the BITS GovDelivery mailing list.

Templates last updated: 9/1/21

How to Access BITS

The BITS web application can be found at:

First-time users

To register in BITS, users will need to create a BITS account and gain access to the system. Instructions on this process can be found in the BITS Account Creation User Guide.

Additional Information

For assistance in using the BITS platform to submit data, please reach out to your regional MDV or nonpoint staff or to Molly Richardson.

To be notified of any changes to BITS, including changes to shapefile templates, sign up for the BITS GovDelivery mailing list.

Programs Using BITS