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Wisconsin's Walleye Management Plan - the Update

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Updating Wisconsin's walleye management plan

Walleye are one of the most popular species targeted by Wisconsin anglers. Each year, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) stocks hundreds of thousands of walleye fingerlings into lakes across the state, surveys walleye populations and walleye anglers, and works on habitat projects to benefit walleye. All walleye management activities are guided by Wisconsin’s Walleye Management Plan, which was created in 1998. We are in the process of updating Wisconsin’s Walleye Management Plan to better meet new challenges to walleye management. Here’s what you need to know and how you can be involved


We are seeking input on the DRAFT Walleye Management Plan. Please help us move walleye management forward by taking the following steps:


Current walleye management plan

The current walleye management plan for Wisconsin was completed in 1998. The plan focuses on key areas such as stocking, fishing and harvest opportunities, habitat, and more. The plan was completed after significant input from the public.

Current walleye management plan, 1998 [PDF]

Review of the 1998 walleye management plan, May 2020 [PDF]


Plan update timeline

Here are the steps we plan to take to complete the update of this plan, when we expect each step to happen, and how you can be involved:

March through June 2021 – Summarize public input, create first draft of updated management plan

February through May 2022 – Get public comments on draft of updated management plan