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Aquatic Plants

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aquatic plants
Aquatic plant control.

Managing aquatic plants (rooted vegetation and algae) is an important part of operating an aquaculture facility. Manual, mechanical and chemical methods are all used by fish farmers to control aquatic plants. Section 23.24, Wisconsin Statutes, provides laws to regulate how aquatic plants are managed. The law specifically exempts a person who engages in aquatic plant management in the course of operating a fish farm as authorized under section 95.60, Wisconsin Statutes.

If your facility is not a registered fish farm, you must obtain a valid aquatic plant management permit from DNR for chemical treatment of aquatic plants, under NR 107, Wisconsin Administrative Code. The chemicals must be labeled for use in surface water. Manual or mechanical removal of aquatic plants is regulated under NR 109, Wisconsin Administrative Code. Under NR 109, no permit is needed for manual removal or using a mechanical device to control aquatic plants, if the body of water is 10 acres or less and is entirely confined on the property of one person (with that property owner's permission). An NR 109 permit is required if you do not meet these criteria.

Permit applications and more information about chemical, manual or mechanical control of aquatic vegetation can be obtained from your local DNR Aquatic Plant Management Coordinator.

Note: The information provided on this Web page is for general orientation purposes only. Do not rely solely on the information provided on these Web pages. For more information, please contact your local DNR Aquatic Plant Management Coordinator