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Anglers' Club Mixed Bag Category

Fishing Wisconsin

To be initiated into the Anglers' Club in the MIXED BAG category you must catch and release as many fish species as possible (regardless of size), correctly complete the application form [PDF], and comply with the following rules:

hornyhead chub
A hornyhead chub.
  1. Because this category relies on photographs for identifying fish, it is imperative that clear, close-up, side-view photographs of each species accompany the application.
  2. Photographs should be collected throughout the year, assembled with a completed application, and returned by the membership deadline (January 15).
  3. Patches will be awarded for every ten (10) species caught and released in the Mixed Bag category. This category is cumulative over an angler's lifetime.

Celebrating the diversity in Wisconsin fishing - The Hooked on Wisconsin Anglers' Club