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WPDES Permit e-Application submittals

The DNR requires electronic submittal of WPDES permit applications (eApplication). Permit applicants use the DNR Switchboard to access the eApplication.


The DNR Switchboard helps people find DNR electronic forms using the state's Web Access Management System (WAMS) without having to re-log in each time. The DNR sets up your file data to allow access to your forms to only your authorized users. Authorized users access their eApplication with a WAMS ID and password. WAMS IDs are assigned to a person, not a facility.

If you have used WAMS to obtain state forms, you have already created a WAMS ID and password. Use your current WAMS ID and password when you log in to the Switchboard. You may still need to complete the Switchboard Registration form to add new electronic reporting capabilities to your existing user ID.

If you do not have a WAMS ID, you can use the Switchboard to register for one. The registration process for new users works in the following way.

1. You Register

  • Register with the Switchboard by creating a WAMS ID and providing your contact information and user roles.
  • Send in a signed copy of your registration form to DNR.
  • Activate your WAMS ID within four days.

2. DNR Processes and Responds

  • The DNR processes registration information.
  • The DNR notifies you that your eApplication is available.

3. You Obtain Forms

  • Use the Switchboard to access your eApplication using your WAMS ID and password.

Accessing your application form in Switchboard

Follow these steps in Switchboard to access your application once you have been notified that your form is available.

Click on the "Log in to the Switchboard" link in the left-hand column of the page.

  • Enter your Wisconsin (WAMS) user ID and password in the next screen.
  • Review and update your "Contact Information" on the next screen.
  • Review your facilities below the contact information; you may need to scroll down the page to read this information.
  • Click on a facility name in the table to link to your facility's forms.
  • Click on the "eApplication (Wastewater Permits)" link under the "What You Can Do" heading on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter the information in your permit application form.