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Wastewater systems plan review staff

The DNR plan review staff for wastewater systems are assigned in the wastewater section of the Water Quality Program. The program is also responsible for rule and guidance development for the wastewater systems plan review program.

These staff listings include both plan reviewers and other program staff to assist you.

Plan review contact information

Fax number for all plan review staff: 608-267-2800

Program administration and plan review in general
Jason Knutson
Wastewater Section Chief
Wisconsin DNR
PO Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921
Municipal projects, septage storage facilities and large POWTS
Ashley Brechlin 608-267-7640
Andrew Dutcher 608-267-7610
Industrial wastewater systems
Ian Hansen 608-266-9239
Nate Willis 608-266-3221
Trevor Moen 920-424-7883
Jonathan Hill 608-267-7627
Emma Lorenzen 608-267-7643
Sewer and lift station projects
Andrew Dutcher 608-267-7610
Pretreatment program projects
Jonathan Hill 608-267-7627
Sewer Service Area Programs, contracts and grants management
Lisa Helmuth 608-266-7768