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Trapping Workshops

Women's Trapping Workshop

Women's Trap Camp is an immersive camp taught by women for women! This camp covers everything from trap prep to fur sewing. Students are taught how to safely and ethically use a variety of traps. Instructors equip students with the knowledge of how to use their harvest to the fullest by teaching them fur sewing skills. Wild game recipes are showcased on the game feed. Students round out their hands-on learning experience by practicing fur handling.

Many women thrive in these unique, hands-on, inclusive learning experiences. For more details about Wisconsin's Women's Trap Camp, please contact Jenna Malinowski at

Women gathered for a group photo with matching green t-shirts

Photo Credit: Casey Rustan

Youth Trap Camp

Our youth camps cater to the learning needs of a younger demographic. Students are kept busy with practicing trap setting and location scouting. Kids are given numerous hands-on experiences in fur handling to build their confidence as a budding trapper. These camps also give the students time to play and enjoy nature. Our youth camps offer great, well-rounded learning experiences for a wide range of ages. Kids enjoy learning alongside a group of their peers in the great outdoors!

No Name Gang is a youth camp that takes place at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area. It is a week-long camp that offers hands-on trapping experience and teaches students about trapping ethics and responsibilities. For more information on the No Name Gang camp, contact Steve O'Mary at

Trees for Tomorrow camp is a three-to-four-day long camp that takes place in Eagle River. This camp is offered to youth of varying ages, where students get hands-on trapping experience. Students learn the ins and outs of all things trapping. For more information on the Trees for Tomorrow camp, contact Bridget Bazile at 

Kids gathered for a group photo