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DNR Potable Well Sampling Program

PFAS Contamination in the Marinette and Peshtigo Area

The DNR is conducting potable well sampling in the town of Peshtigo due to potential risk associated with per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS). A large source of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) contamination in groundwater has been identified at and in the vicinity of the JCI/Tyco Fire Technology Center on Industrial Avenue in Marinette, and the JCI/Tyco facilities on Stanton Street in Marinette. The total size of the area with groundwater contamination (also referred to as extent of groundwater contamination) is currently unknown.

To better understand the extent of PFAS contamination in groundwater and potential exposure to the community, the DNR is sampling potable wells to ensure that community residents have accurate information regarding potential PFAS in their potable wells that may contain PFAS from contaminated groundwater.

Summary of Sampling Results

Data Summary as of May 4, 2021
Sample Results Number of Samples
Non-Detect 84
< Recommended Standard (RES) 250
≥ Recommended Standard (RES) or Hazard Index value ≥ 1.0 20
Range of Values ≥ RES 23-110 ppt
Data presented are lab results and are still undergoing validation.
ppt = parts per trillion
RES = Recommended Enforcement Standard (groundwater standards recommendations from Dept. of Health Services including Cycle 10 and Cycle 11)
Summary of Landowner Responses and Sampling Activities as of May 4, 2021
Mailer Details Sampling Activities
Total Sent Opt Out Opt In Outstanding Scheduled for Sampling Completed Sampling
578 18 411
(71% of total mailers)
149 395 395
A total of 427 samples were collected; quality control, field duplicate and confirmation samples were collected during sampling.

Area Sampling Map

Potable Well Sampling Progress Through 5/4/21

View an enlarged version of the map.

Detailed Sampling Data