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PFAS Contacts

Contact the following staff if you have questions about PFAS. If you are unsure who to contact, please email

Program Contacts

Program Staff Name and Contact Information
Water Quality Program Adrian Stocks
Drinking Water and Groundwater Program Kyle Burton
Remediation and Redevelopment Program Judy Fassbender
Waste and Materials Management Program Kate Strom Hiorns
Air Management Program Craig Czarnecki

Topic Contacts

Program Staff Name and Contact Information
Health-related Questions
Media inquiries
Legislation Mimi Johnson
PFAS contamination in the Marinette and Peshtigo area
PFAS contamination in the Town of Campbell and French Island
PFAS External Advisory Group Mimi Johnson
PFAS Technical Group Jason Lowery
Wisconsin PFAS Action Council and the PFAS Action Plan

DNR Office of Emerging Contaminants

Position Staff Name and Contact Information
Policy Director Mimi Johnson
Operations Coordinator Jason Lowery
Communications and Engagement Coordinator Meaghan Cibarich