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Power-driven mobility devices

Open the Outdoors

New U.S. Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules [exit DNR] on the use of power-driven mobility devices (PDMD) went into effect on March 15, 2011. The rules require public entities to make reasonable modifications to policies, practices, and procedures to allow PDMDs at public facilities.

Since 1990, DNR has maintained a permit system to allow individuals with disabilities to use motor vehicles on DNR lands as a mode of personal conveyance. To ease the process for you and ensure the safety of all trail and general property users, we've updated our motorized vehicle use application and permit process to reflect the new rules. We are also assessing areas of DNR properties individually to determine where PDMDs can be used safely while maintaining resource protection.

A permit allows you access to areas of DNR lands that would be difficult or impossible to get to otherwise, adding one more way to enjoy the spectacular outdoors of Wisconsin. To access a particular property with a PDMD, you may apply for an individual permit. You will submit this application to the property manager, who will work with you to determine where and when you may use your device.

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