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Operator Certification

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NR 114 & 146 Exam Update: 

The department is evaluating a computer-based platform to provide exams safely and reliably to drinking water, wastewater, septage, and landfill operators, as well as well drillers and pump installers. It is anticipated this computer-based platform will not be available until Spring 2021. Historically the department provides over 3,000 exams on an annual basis, which cannot all be accommodated in person at this time. We understand that there are individuals that may have an urgent need for an exam prior to the availability of computer-based exams, such as: a utility, facility, organization or business would result in noncompliance or violations without the exam(s); a utility, facility, organization or business would be unable to fill a position without the exam(s); or passing an exam is needed to accept, begin or maintain a job.

The department has prepared an “Urgent Exam Request Form [DOCX]” in which individuals needing an exam can complete and submit to Requests will be evaluated weekly and individuals contacted as to whether their exam request will be accommodated, based on criticality and the department’s ability to adhere to public health guidelines.

The program is responsible for ensuring that various types of professional operators have adequate training to perform the necessary tasks at their facilities or businesses. Review certification and licensing requirements by selecting the appropriate link.


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