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Karcher Wildlife Area


Karcher Wildlife Area is a 282-acre property in southwest Racine County. The property is located 3.5 miles south of the City of Burlington and 1 mile west of Highway 83 on Karcher Road (Highway JB). Habitat on the property consists of wet meadow, shrub-carr, lowland forest, calcareous fen, oak woodland, central hardwood, native prairie and agricultural fields. Water features on the property include several ponds, a spring area, and a cold water stream, Karcher Creek. The property can be accessed through a parking area off of Karcher Road (Highway JB).

The property includes an embedded 31-acre state natural area, the Karcher Springs SNA. Community types in the state natural area include a wooded esker and a complex of springs, calcareous fen and stream.

Management Objectives

Property habitat is managed and maintained using a number of techniques including prescribed fire, brush removal, removal of invasive species and herbicide application.

For more information on master planning for this and other wildlife areas around the state, visit the property planning page.


The Karcher Wildlife Area offers many recreational opportunities:

  • Birding;
  • Hiking (no designated trail);
  • Hunting (small game, especially noted for deer and turkey);
  • Trapping; and
  • Wildlife viewing.


Download [PDF] a map of this property.

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