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Permit information for Chapter NR 40 invasive species

In an effort to limit the introduction and spread of invasives species in Wisconsin, the DNR created Wisconsin's Invasive Species Identification, Classification and Control Rule, Chapter NR 40, Wis. Adm. Code, in 2009. With certain exceptions, it is now unlawful for a person to transport, possess, transfer or introduce a "prohibited invasive species" without a permit from the department. It is also unlawful for a person to transport, possess, transfer or introduce a "restricted invasive" fish or crayfish species or transport, transfer or introduce any other "restricted invasive species" without a permit. Prohibited and restricted species are identified in the rule.

If you want to carry out any of these activities, you may apply for a permit. Conditions for issuance of permits differ among taxa and will depend on whether the species is prohibited or simply restricted. Section NR 40.06 (2), Wis. Adm. Code, requires the department to consider the following criteria in reviewing permit applications.

(a) The applicant is knowledgeable in the proper management or humane care of the invasive species.
(b) The applicant has an adequate site or facility for containment of the invasive species.
(c) The applicant has demonstrated to the department's satisfaction that permitted activities will not cause significant ecological or economic harm or harm to human health.
(d) The applicant has complied with the conditions of any previous department permits issued under this chapter.

Section NR 40.06 (3), Wis. Adm. Code, provides that an applicant meeting the criteria described above may be issued a permit subject to conditions the Department considers reasonable.

Please apply for a permit by including the following elements in a letter. A complete application will help us make a decision and incomplete applications may be returned to the applicant.

All permit requests must include the following information in a letter.

  1. Applicant name (Individual or corporate name), affiliation (if applicable), property address or fire number, city, state, zip code, area code and phone number (business, home and/or cell) and email address (if applicable).
  2. Project Location: Address, Village/City/Town, Fire Number, Tax Parcel Number, County, Govt. Lot OR 1/4, 1/4, of Section, Township North, Range (East) (West)
  3. If the applicant is not the owner of the property where the proposed activity will be conducted, provide the name and address of the owner and include a letter of authorization from the owner. The owner must be the applicant or co-applicant for a permit: Owner's Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code.
  4. The name (scientific name) and quantity or number of invasive species specimens for which a permit is sought.
  5. Whether the permit is sought for the transportation, possession, transfer or introduction of the invasive species. Include the purpose, need and intended use of proposal.
  6. A description of how the transportation, possession, transfer or introduction of the invasive species will be contained to limit the spread of the species.
    • Where the invasive species is located or will be kept.
    • How they will be kept from spreading into the wild.
    • How they will be disseminated.
    • How they will be destroyed once the applicant is done using them.
  7. A description of other relevant permits, approvals or licenses of the applicant and the applicant's purpose or reasons for seeking a permit.
  8. If disposal is part of the proposal, describe where disposal will take place.
  9. A site map of the invasive species (if applicable)
  10. Date activity will begin if the permit is issued and when will it be completed.
  11. Your application letter must contain the following statement: "I hereby certify that the information contained herein is true and accurate. I also certify that I am entitled to apply for a permit, or that I am the duly authorized representative or agent of an applicant who is entitled to apply for a permit. I understand that any inaccurate or incomplete information submitted in support of this permit application may result in permit revocation, the imposition of a forfeiture(s) and requirement of restoration."
  12. Signature of Applicant(s) or Duly Authorized Agent, Date Signed
Contact information
Please send the completed application to:
Organisms in Trade Coordinator
Natural Heritage Conservation
Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707-7921

If you have questions regarding submitting an application send an email to Organisms in Trade Coordinator Personally identifiable information in permit application letters will not be used for any other purpose but will be made available to requesters under Wisconsin's public records law, sections 19.31 to 19.39, Wis. Stats.