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Catchable-Size Trout Stocking 2023

Fishing Wisconsin

2023 catchable trout stocking efforts are ongoing. Once all stocking is complete, numbers and waters stocked will be included here and a report will be published to document the stocking efforts.
catchable trout - brook trout






Catchable-size trout species and life stages stocked in Wisconsin in 2022.

Species Broodstock Yearling Large fingerling Total
Rainbow trout 2,384 235,478 30,680 268,542
Brown trout 3,984 116,376 209,241 329,601
Brook trout 4,710 113,290 70,112 188,112

What's been stocked

Catchable-size trout stocking efforts are complete for 2022. 

Final list of catchable-size trout stocked --June 14, 2022 [PDF]