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Catchable trout stocking 2021

Fishing Wisconsin

catchable trout - brook trout

Over 760,000 catchable rainbow, brown, brook and lake trout (235,000, 290,000 190,000 and 46,000 respectively) have been delivered to waters statewide before the First Saturday in May inland opener. The fish are raised at Nevin Fish Hatchery, Osceola Fish Hatchery and St. Croix Falls Hatchery. Additional fish were raised and stocked through cooperative rearing agreements with fishing clubs, and about 70,000 fish will be stocked in urban fishing waters, small lakes and ponds cooperatively managed with the local municipality and used as a place for fishing clinics and kids fishing.

Catchable trout species and life stages planned to be stocked in Wisconsin, Spring 2021

Species Brood stock Yearling Large fingerling Total
Rainbow trout 1,986 236,618 29,336 267,940
Brown trout 4,716 106,134 200,039 310,889
Brook trout 5,245 77,350 141,359 223,954
Lake trout -- -- 36,577 36,577

What's been stocked

Requested quotas have now been filled and stocking is complete for catchable trout.

Final list of catchable-size trout stocked by county - May 11, 2021 [PDF]