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Lake sturgeon hook and line season

Attention sturgeon anglers: Sturgeon registration stations have changed in the lower Wisconsin River. McFarlanes True Value in Sauk City is no longer registering sturgeon. Instead, Wilderness Fish and Game, 532 Water Street, Sauk City (608) 643-5229 will be registering fish. See the 2021 Sturgeon Registration Stations for more information.

2021 hook and line lake sturgeon regulations

  • The lake sturgeon hook and line season opens Sept. 4 and runs through Sept. 30.
  • The minimum length limit for lake sturgeon harvest is 60 inches.

Catch and release seasons

  • Catch and release season - Mississippi River 1) upstream of Red Wing Dam - June 16 - March 1;
    2) downstream of Red Wing Dam - June 16 - April 14.
  • Catch and release season - St. Croix River from Prescott to Gordon Flowage - June 16 - March 1
  • Catch and release season - St. Louis and Nemadji rivers- June 16 - April 14.
  • Catch and release season on the St. Croix River (Wisconsin/Minnesota boundary water) from Oct. 1 - Oct. 15

Sturgeon harvest

Anglers need to purchase a harvest tag if they intend to keep a sturgeon. The harvest tag is available throughout the season and costs $20 for residents and $50 for non-residents. Note: You do not need a harvest tag to catch and release sturgeon on waters open to sturgeon fishing during the open hook and line season.

Resident and nonresident lake sturgeon fishing licenses

Below is a list of resident and nonresident sturgeon fishing licenses. All licenses are available for purchase through Go Wild, DNR Service Centers or at one of our sales locations unless otherwise noted.

Get started and buy your license today.

Resident sturgeon fishing

Resident sturgeon fishing

Type $
Sturgeon Hook & Line Inland 20.00
Sturgeon Hook & Line Wisconsin & Michigan 20.00
Nonresident sturgeon fishing

Nonresident sturgeon fishing

Type $
Sturgeon Hook & Line Inland 50.00
Sturgeon Hook & Line Wisconsin/Michigan 50.00
Military Inland Sturgeon Hook & Line 20.00
Military WI/MI Sturgeon Hook & Line 20.00


Tagging your sturgeon - The carcass tag only needs to be attached if you leave the sturgeon carcass. However, you still are required to validate your carcass tag immediately upon harvesting the sturgeon before moving it. How to correctly tag your sturgeon [PDF].

All anglers must have a Wisconsin general inland fishing license unless they are under 16 years old, or were born before Jan. 1, 1927. Active military personnel who are Wisconsin residents and in active service but on furlough or leave are eligible to receive a free annual fishing license.

Find a registration station

Registration stations are available in areas where sturgeon are traditionally harvested. A harvested fish must be registered at a designated registration station no later than 6 p.m. the day after you caught the fish.

Angling opportunities

There are angling opportunities for hook and line sturgeon anglers in specific harvest areas in some of Wisconsin's larger river systems.