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Fishing Wisconsin

Be sure to view definitions for help in reading these tables.

Waters Dates for Hook and Line Harvest
General Inland Waters Continuous
Green Bay, major Green Bay tributaries, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan tributaries Continuous
All other tributaries, streams, rivers and ditches to Green Bay upstream to the first dam or Lake First Saturday in May to the first Sunday in March of the following year
Boundary Waters Dates for Hook and Line Harvest
Wisconsin-Minnesota boundary waters Continuous
Wisconsin-Iowa boundary waters Continuous
Wisconsin-Michigan boundary waters Continuous


Not all Wisconsin waters follow the fishing season dates for a species for general inland waters or boundary and outlying waters. Exceptions do exist! You must consult the special county regulations in the current hook and line or trout regulations guides, as appropriate, to determine if any special season dates exist for the particular waters you plan to fish. This is the only way to determine whether or not the waters you plan to fish follow the season dates for general inland or boundary and outlying waters listed below. Dates are inclusive and may be subject to change.

You must also consult the current fishing regulations for information concerning bag and minimum length limits for a species.