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Live release record fish

Fishing Wisconsin

Hook and line record fish

Alternate method record fish

Species Length
Bass, Largemouth 19.0 08/02/20 Farm Pond Rock
Bass, Rock 11.0 07/25/19 Nagawicka Lake Waukesha
Bass, Smallmouth 22.25 08/22/19 Pewaukee Lake Waukesha
Bass, White 18.5 02/10/18 Sunset Lake Waupaca
Bluegill 11.0 02/28/18 Mississippi River Crawford
Burbot 34.0 11/08/19 Lake Michigan Sheboygan
Carp, Common VACANT      
Catfish, Channel 36.5 08/24/19 Wisconsin River Sauk
Catfish, Flathead 47.75 09/14/20 Mississippi River Buffalo
Crappie, Black VACANT      
Crappie, White VACANT      
Drum, Freshwater VACANT      
Muskellunge, Tiger VACANT      
Muskellunge 53.0 06/24/17 Unknown Lake Burnett
Northern pike 46.25 09/07/19 Green Bay Oconto
Perch, Yellow 15.0 05/12/20 Unknown (TBD) TBD
Pumpkinseed 9.75 06/18/20 Unknown Lake Brown
Salmon, Chinook VACANT      
Salmon, Coho VACANT      
Sauger VACANT      
Sturgeon, Lake VACANT      
Sturgeon, Shovelnose 31.0 07/07/19 Chippewa River Pepin
Sunfish, Green 9.75 09/02/20 Lake Mendota Dane
Trout, Brook (inland) 17.0 05/02/20 Unknown Lake Burnett
Trout, Brook (Great Lakes) VACANT      
Trout, Brown (inland) VACANT      
Trout, Brown (Great Lakes) VACANT      
Trout, Lake (inland) VACANT      
Trout, Lake (Great Lakes) VACANT      
Trout, Rainbow (inland) 23.5 03/31/18 Farm pond Racine
Trout, Rainbow (Great Lakes) VACANT      
Walleye 32.5 08/24/19 Green Bay Door

Note: An official application form [PDF] must accompany prospective record fish entries.