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Wisconsin fishing report 2020

Fishing Wisconsin

Fishing-Report-Cover.JPG2020 Fishing Report

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. One thing is sure, however. The opener of the 2020 fishing season is just around the corner.  Getting outdoors can be beneficial both mentally and physically if done with caution. Fishing can be a great social distancing activity. It's time to review the Wisconsin Fishing Report 2020 - a detailed newspaper of fishing in Wisconsin waters and fishing forecasts for the coming year.

The Wisconsin Fishing Report 2020 is available for download here in digital format and will be available in newsprint form at your local DNR service center and select stores.

Download the entire Wisconsin fishing report 2020 [PDF]


On the inside


  • Want to catch more panfish? 
  • Dear Wisconsin angler 
  • Fantastic fisheries projects 
  • What's in your tacklebox 

2020 species fishing forecasts

  • Walleye ]
  • Muskellunge 
  • Largemouth bass
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Northern pike
  • Panfish 
  • Catfish 
  • Lake sturgeon ]
  • Inland trout
  • Great Lakes trout and salmon 
  • Rough fish
  • Urban fishing 

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