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My First Fish

Fishing Wisconsin

If you fish enough, it's bound to happen. Sooner or later, you catch your first fish. For many, it's the beginning of a life-long passion for fishing, enjoying the outdoors and all that it offers. For others, it may be an activity that they've waited for years to try. Age doesn't matter. A first fish is a milestone regardless of who's doing the catching.

And now there's a fantastic way to commemorate that "first fish" moment with a suitable-for-framing My First Fish certificate.

My first fish certificate

My first fish certificate

The certificate is an online fillable form [PDF] that can be completed with Adobe Acrobat (Professional or Adobe Reader). We suggest using the MS Internet Explorer browser for the best results. The certificate asks for species, catch date and catch location information as well as an image field where you can drop in that special photograph (recommended photo size 300 px wide x 350 px tall). The completed certificate can then be printed on your own home printer.


Please note: By participating in the My First Fish program, photos and fish information may be shared on the DNR website, social media and in other promotional materials.


Catch and preserve the memory!

Get hooked on Wisconsin fishing!