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Lake Superior Outdoor Fishing Report – October 16, 2020

Fishing Wisconsin

Fishing Wisconsin

Fishing reports will be updated based on the availability of field reports and work schedules of field staff.

REMINDER - Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the WI/MI, WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters.

Apostle Islands:

With the Lake Trout season now closed for the months of October and November (open Dec. 1 – Sept. 30), open water boat anglers are targeting mainly Coho Salmon, Brown Trout and Splake. Cohos can be caught with flat lines trolling stick baits near the river mouths (Sioux River, Pikes Creek, Onion River, Fish Creek, Whittlesey Creek). Coho Salmon seem to be a little lower in abundance compared to the last couple of years but have been reported to be larger.  Brown Tout and Splake are targeted by anglers that are flat line trolling stick baits or spoons in shallow water (< 30’) along the shoreline of the mainland and the inner islands. Brown Trout and Splake fishing can be excellent right up until ice up.

Western Arm:

Lake Trout trolling has also been heating up in the Western arm, and trophy Lake Trout have been encountered. Lake Trout have begun moving into deeper water and can be targeted using downriggers, lead core line, or dipsy divers during the summer season. Brown Trout and Coho Salmon fishing has slowed down during this part of the season, but anglers may still encounter one or two while targeting Lake Trout. Many Walleye that have moved out of the St. Louis River Estuary will begin moving eastward down the South Shore as water temperature increases, and anglers can target these fish by trolling in < 30 feet of water.

Chequamegon Bay:

Anglers fishing in Chequamegon Bay are mostly targeting Smallmouth Bass. Surface water temps are in the low 50’s. Anglers target Smallmouth Bass in a variety of locations including offshore rock piles, points, weed lines, along the Ashland break wall, channel edges and woody structure along the shoreline. Some of the biggest Smallmouth Bass of the year are caught in the fall. Anglers use a variety of presentations to catch these bass including tube jigs, swimbaits, lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits and sucker minnows to name a few. Fishing slow and near the bottom can be productive this time of year. Anglers also catch an occasional Walleye, Northern Pike or Brown Trout while fishing for bass. 

Western Arm:

With the Lake Trout season now closed for the months of October and November (open Dec. 1 – Sept. 30), fishing pressure decreases significantly. Anglers still venturing out in the main lake may catch Coho Salmon or Brown Trout fishing in shallower water using stick baits or spoons. Musky anglers are fishing the St. Louis River Estuary, and a few muskies over 45” have been reported recently. The Musky season is open through November 30.

Bois Brule River:

Brown Trout, Coho Salmon, and Steelhead of various lengths have been caught recently in the lower Brule River. Recent rains have made some streams slightly higher and more off-color than earlier in the fall. The area has otherwise experienced relatively dry conditions. More rain is needed to draw more fish from the main lake. Fishing season is open upstream from U.S. Highway 2 until September 30, and downstream from U.S. Highway 2 to Lake Superior until November 15.