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Endangered Resources Review

Helping customers and partners comply with Wisconsin's endangered species laws

We partner with landowners, businesses, communities and other customers to consider potential impacts of land development and management projects on rare species very early in the project planning process. Our goal is a cooperative, partnership-based approach to conserve the rare plants, animals and habitats found in Wisconsin.

NHI Public Portal & Preliminary Assessment

Use the NHI Public Portal to complete an ER Preliminary Assessment.

Request an ER Review

Request a review for proposed development activities, planning and land management projects.


Receive training for those seeking an NHI Data Sharing license.

ER Certification Program

Conduct reviews by becoming a Certified ER Reviewer.

Incidental take

Learn about the incidental take process.

NHI Data

Access NHI data for research and planning purposes.

Endangered and Threatened Species List

The first list of Wisconsin endangered and threatened (E/T) species was developed in 1972.

Donate to the Endangered Resources Fund

Your donation to the Endangered Resources Fund helps save rare plants, animals and natural communities.
Donate to the Endangered Resources Fund

Endangered Resources Review Program contacts

Questions? Find an appropriate Endangered Resources Review Program staff person to contact.
Endangered Resources Review Program contacts