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Drinking water administrative codes

Wisconsin Administrative Codes that relate to private and public drinking water are provided on this page as links to the Wisconsin Legislative website.

To request an official paper copy of a specific code, follow the instructions on the Wisconsin Legislature site [exit DNR]

Wisconsin Administrative Code

Codes listed by title

Codes listed by title

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NR 108 - Requirements for Plans and Specifications Submittal for Reviewable Projects and Operations of Community Water Systems, Sewerage Systems and Industrial Wastewater Facilities

NR 123 - Well Compensation Program

NR 140 - Groundwater Quality

NR 141 - Groundwater Monitoring Well Requirements

NR 146 - Well Driller and Pump Installer Registration

NR 809 - Safe Drinking Water

NR 810 - Requirements for the Operation and Maintenance of Public Water Systems

NR 811 & NR 811 Appendix - Requirements for the Operation and Design of Community Water Systems

NR 812 & NR 812 Appendix - Well Construction and Pump Installation

NR 820 - Groundwater Quantity Protection

NR 845 - County Administration of Ch. NR 812, Private Well Code

NR 850 - Water Use Fees

NR 852 - Water Conservation and Water Use Efficiency

NR 856 - Water Use Registration and Reporting

NR 860 - Water Use Permitting in the Great Lakes basin

Codes listed by type

Codes listed by type

All links exit the DNR website.

Public well codes
Private well codes
Groundwater codes
Water use codes