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Boat was sold / boat was junked or abandoned

If you recently sold your boat or if your boat is destroyed, abandoned or “junked”, state law requires that boat owners notify the Department within 15 days of the occurrence. State statute 30.55(1)

You may update the vehicle’s information online through your DNR customer account or by notifying the department via email. To update the information online, you should access your customer account at, select “my vehicles” and click on the “update” button. To notify the department via email, send an email to, the message must include the following information: whether the boat has been sold or junked; your first and last name; customer identification number (if known); the boat Wisconsin registration number (i.e. WS-9999-ZZ); or any other information that may assist the department in identifying the vehicle. The boat will be removed from your list of active registered recreational vehicles.