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Federal Clean Vessel Act grant program

The Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Program is a nationwide competitive federal grant program that provides funding to states as part of an effort to clean up the nation's waterways. Nationwide, the program receives about $10 million annually. Funding for the CVA program comes from the Federal Sport Fish Restoration Account of the Aquatic Resources Trust Fund. The CVA encourages states to subcontract with private marinas/businesses as well as local units of government to construct projects.

Any private marina/business with public access or local units of government.

Eligible projects include

  • construction, renovation, operation and maintenance of pump-out and dump stations including:
    • floating restrooms not connected to land or structures; and
    • structures connected to the land, used solely by boaters; and
  • education/information materials.

Applications are accepted all year long.

Before applying

  1. read Program Guidance for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Subaward Grant Program: Clean Vessel Act, Boating Infrastructure Grant, and Sportfish Restoration for Boat Access and Fishing Piers; and
  2. contact the grant manager to discuss your project prior to submitting the program application.

Application materials

Submitting an application

All grant applications must be sent to the department by the date listed in the Deadlines Tab.
Email applications to

In the subject line of the email, enter the type of grant you are applying for. All application materials should be saved in PDF format and should not exceed 15 megabytes (MB) in size. If email size (including attachments) exceeds 15 MB, send documents in multiple emails. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the application has been submitted by the deadline. The applicant will receive a confirmation email when the application has been received or if any additional materials are required.


Contact information
For additional information about the Federal Clean Vessel Act grant program, please contact:
Faith Murray
Interim Grant Manager