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Permits for bobcat and fisher

The Wisconsin DNR regulates the harvest of bobcat and fisher through a special permitting system. Harvest permits, or kill tags, are awarded through a "preference point" lottery system. In order to receive a kill permit for one of these species, you must submit an application by the annual deadline and be a drawing winner. Results from the drawing are posted annually and permits mailed to successful applicants.

Applications can be submitted by:

The application fee for a fisher permit is $3 and the application fee for a bobcat permit is $6. Applicants have the option of applying for a preference point only or to be entered into the drawing for a permit(s).

Notice: Applicants who successfully draw a fisher tag; or successful bobcat applicants who intend to trap, must also purchase a trapping license. Prior to purchasing a license, all first-time trappers are required to complete the Wisconsin trapper education course unless actively engaged in farming. It is recommended that you first attend a trapper education course prior to applying for a bobcat or fisher tag to ensure all requirements are fulfilled prior to the start of harvest seasons.

Special Note:

  • If an applicant chooses to be entered into the drawing and is selected for a permit the applicant will lose all preference points, even if the permit is not used.
  • Remember to apply. Applicants who do not apply for either a preference point or a permit at least once during any three consecutive years will lose all previously accumulated preference points.
  • Conservation patron license holders who did not submit their application choices for fisher at the time they purchased their license must now apply online or through a DNR office that offers counter service.
  • The deadline to submit application choices for bobcat and fisher permits is posted online. Applicants who apply for a bobcat permit must choose one of the two bobcat seasons.