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Jefferson County VPA

Property Name Legal Description Size and Cover Type Maps
V3 T6N R15E S5 (Jefferson Twp) 11 acres of grassland/wetland. Aerial View
V7 T8N R13E S2, 3 (Waterloo Twp) 128 acres. 110 acres of agriculture, 8 acres of grassland/wetland, and 10 acres of forest. Aerial View
V87 T8N R13E S20 (Waterloo Twp) 138 acres. 39 acres of agriculture, 91 acres of grassland/wetland, and 8 acres of forest. Provides access to Stoney Brook. Aerial View
V94 T8N R13E S3, 4 (Waterloo Twp) 60 acres. 22 acres of grassland/wetland and 38 acres of forest. Provides access to Stony Brook. Aerial View