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Dunn County VPA

Property Name Legal Description Size and Cover Type Featured Uses Maps
V18 T26N R12W S9 (Dunn Twp) 76 acres. 53 acres agriculture and 23 acres forest.   Aerial View
V82 T26N R12W S10, 15 (Dunn Twp) 112 acres forest. Provides access to Chippewa River   Aerial View
V184 T30N R12W S31 (Otter Creek Twp) 50 acres forest (Adjacent to 34 acres open Managed Forest Law (MFL) land.   Aerial View
V226 T30N R13W S9 (Hay River Twp) 198 acres. 20 acres agriculture, 1 acre grassland/wetland, 177 acres forest.   Aerial View
V287 T30N R14W S11 (Tiffany Twp) 45 acres grassland/wetland.   Aerial View