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Blue Mound State Park

Property Master Plan

In June 2018, the Natural Resources Board approved the department’s recommendation to develop a plan revision to the Blue Mound State Park master plan. The result of this process will be a master plan that replaces the existing 1984 master plan [PDF] and its modifications (2012 Variance [PDF], 2000 Variance [PDF]).

Blue Mound State Park is 1,153 acres atop the highest point in southern Wisconsin. The park straddles the Dane and Iowa County line and offers spectacular views, opportunities to see and learn about unique geological features and a variety of recreational facilities. Over 20 miles of scenic trails, access to the Military Ridge State Trail, bike-in campsites, a family campground, summer swimming pool and a rustic cabin for people with disabilities make Blue Mound a popular year-round destination.


View from the top of West Tower

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Planning Update

DNR held a public involvement process for the Blue Mound State Park Draft Master Plan, which ended on January 10, 2021. Thank you to all who submitted comments! The department is now in the process of reviewing and summarizing the comments received.

A public input summary will be posted to this page when available. To receive notification when the public input summary is available, please be sure to subscribe to the email update list for this project by clicking the link near the red envelope above.

Read the Blue Mound State Park Draft Master Plan and Environmental Analysis [PDF]

Previously Posted Documents

Most documents and files previously posted to this website are available in the Documents, Public Involvement, and Maps folders below.

Contact Information

Please contact Phil Rynish, DNR Property Planning Section Chief, at or 608-977-0286 with questions or to submit additional comments.

Additional Information About Blue Mound State Park Planning

Management Alternatives (Fall 2019)
Initial Scoping (Spring 2019)
Public Involvement
Draft Master Plan (Winter 2020-21)

Snowmobile Sound Analysis

To gain an understanding of the nature of snowmobile sound impacts at BMSP, DNR commissioned a snowmobile sound analysis which was conducted by Wise Associates with assistance from DNR staff. The results of this analysis are in the Sound Level Analysis of Snowmobiles at Blue Mound State Park Draft Report [PDF].

Wise Associates also provided DNR with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that generates snowmobile sound level and duration plots based on snowmobile speed and distance from the proposed trail. Chapter 4 of the Blue Mound State Park Draft Master Plan shows several of these plots generated for popular or key locations in the park. The spreadsheet is available below.

Management Alternatives Public Involvement Materials (Fall 2019)
Initial Public Meeting Materials (Spring 2019)
Public Involvement Plan [PDF]