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Wildlife management plans

Greater Prairiechicken Booming

What are management plans?

Management plans outline background information on a particular species and provide long-term recommendations on various aspects of species management, including population management, habitat management, education and outreach efforts, damage management and harvest framework, among others.

These plans are developed by advisory committees comprised of DNR staff and citizens representing groups with an interest in the management of a particular species. All plans go through a public review process, are approved by the Natural Resources Board and are revisited periodically to incorporate the most recent data concerning species management.

The DNR is always working to develop and update management plans.

Greater prairie-chicken plan

The Natural Resources Board approved the 10-year greater prairie-chicken management plan at the June 2022 meeting. Learn more.

Black Bear

The Wisconsin Black Bear Management Plan 2019 – 2029 was developed by the DNR Bear Advisory Committee and approved by the Natural Resources Board in May 2019. The plan is intended to guide future management actions and provide the interested public with a concise and informative overview of black bear ecology and management in Wisconsin. It contains detailed information on black bear ecology and population dynamics, the history of black bears in Wisconsin, and the goals, objectives and strategies intended to guide bear management over the next decade.

This document will serve to anchor bear management in the best available science, and we hope it will also serve as an effective communication tool for the people of Wisconsin. Many thanks to all who provided input and helped to create the updated plan!

Species plans completed to date