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Herptile Regulations

Blanding's Turtle

All native herptiles (herps) are considered protected and have some level of protection. An overview of state regulations related to amphibians and reptiles can be found in Wisconsin's Amphibian and Reptile Regulations.

For any planned land-disturbing activities, an Endangered Resources Review should be conducted prior to beginning the project to ensure that there will not be any impacts to rare species and that planned activities are in compliance with Wisconsin’s Endangered Species Law (s. 29.604 Wis. Stats.), as well as other laws pertaining to rare species.

Activity periods

If your Endangered Resources Review has required or recommended timing restrictions or the installation of amphibian and reptile exclusion fencing in relation to a species’ activity period, please use the table below.

Species Spring Activity (2022)
Blanchard’s cricket frog Blanchard’s cricket frogs are now active.
Blanding's turtle

Blanding’s turtles are now active.

Butler’s gartersnake Butler’s gartersnakes are now active.
Eastern massasauga rattlesnake

Eastern massasauga rattlesnakes are now active.

Eastern (northern) ribbonsnake Eastern ribbonsnakes are now active.
Ornate box turtle Ornate box turtles are now active.
Queensnake Queensnakes are now active. 
Slender glass lizard Slender glass lizards are now active. 
Western ribbonsnake Western ribbonsnakes are now active.
Wood turtle

Wood turtles are now active.