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Wisconsin wildlife reports

Wildlife reports

Wildlife reports are divided into surveys addressing five species groups: small game, big game, waterfowl, furbearers and nongame. Interpretations of data in these reports are subject to change as a result of data verification and more extensive data analysis.

Historical harvest estimates are indices of harvest trends. Thus, caution should be used in interpreting trends in harvest estimates as indices of population trends. Harvest is influenced by game population levels, hunter effort, hunting regulations, weather conditions and pelt prices.

These reports were made possible by Pittman-Robertson funding.

Semi-annual reports are distributed in April and August.


Small game
Report title Previous Current
Rural mail carrier pheasant survey 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Spring ring-necked pheasant surveys 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Ruffed grouse
Ruffed grouse drumming survey 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Sharp-tailed grouse
Sharp-tailed grouse harvest & hunter survey 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Wisconsin sharp-tailed grouse survey 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Regional bobwhite quail and cottontail rabbit survey 2017 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Small game harvest 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Summer wildlife inquiry 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Ten-week brood observations 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Big game
Report title Previous Current
Black bear harvest report 2018 [PDF] 2019[PDF]
Black bear hunter questionnaire 2014 [PDF] 2017 [PDF]
Black bear population analyses 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Damaging and nuisance wildlife
Agricultural deer damage shooting permits 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Black bear damage and nuisance complaints 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Wildlife damage abatement and claims program 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Archery deer hunting questionnaire 2013 [PDF] 2017 [PDF]
Chronic wasting disease in Wisconsin deer 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Deer hunter wildlife survey 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Firearm deer hunting questionnaire 2017 [PDF] 2018 [PDF]
Summer deer observations 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Wisconsin deer hunting summary 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
White-tailed deer population status 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Winter severity indices 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Wisconsin Elk Hunting Summary 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Gray Wolf
Wisconsin wolf season report 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Gray wolf hunter/trapper questionnaire 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Gray wolf monitoring report 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Fall turkey harvest report 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Fall turkey hunting questionnaire 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Spring turkey harvest report 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Spring turkey hunting questionnaire 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Wild turkey landowner brood survey 2010 [PDF] 2011 [PDF]
Report title Previous Current
Bird banding accomplishments 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Waterfowl breeding population survey for Wisconsin 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Wisconsin Canada goose harvest report 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Wisconsin youth waterfowl hunt 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Report title Previous Current
Beaver population analyses 2011 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Beaver trapping questionnaire 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Bobcat harvest 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Bobcat hunter/trapper survey 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Bobcat population analyses 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Fisher harvest 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Fisher population analyses 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Fur trapper survey 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Otter harvest 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Otter population analyses 2017 [PDF] 2018 [PDF]
Winter track counts 2017 [PDF] 2018 [PDF]
Wisconsin fur buyers report 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Report title Previous Current
American marten winter track surveys in northern Wisconsin 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Annual mammal survey 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Central Wisconsin greater prairie-chicken survey 2019 [PDF] 2020 [PDF]
Frog and toad survey 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Moose observations 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Rare carnivore observations 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Wisconsin bald eagle nest survey 2018 [PDF] 2019 [PDF]
Historical harvest estimates
Big game
Deer harvest, 1934-2018 [PDF]
Percent of total deer harvest and permits, 1965-2018 [PDF]
Turkey permits issued and harvest, 1983-2018 [PDF]
Turkey harvest success rates, 1983-2018 [PDF]
Black bear harvest and permits issued, 1934-2018 [PDF]
Small game
Small game hunter numbers, 1983-2018 [PDF]
Small game harvest trends, 1931-2018 [PDF]
Waterfowl harvest trends, 1932-2018 [PDF]
Furbearer harvest and pelt value [PDF]
Total furbearer harvest and pelt value, 1930-2018 [PDF]
Hunting accidents
History of hunting accidents both fatal and non-fatal, 1944-2018 [PDF]

For more information about this data, please see the WI Wildlife Harvest Summary, 1930-2014[PDF]