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Wisconsin deer harvest summary

deer team

Photo by Erik Barber



Click on the season in the blue box below to see deer harvest totals by zone, county and type of deer harvested.

Preliminary 9-Day Gun Season Comparison


Total season harvest to date
Preliminary 9-day gun deer season summary

Deer killed with a gun during the 9-day season.

Archery season summary
Crossbow season summary
Youth deer hunt summary
Muzzleloader season summary
December antlerless-only season summary
Antlerless-only Holiday Hunt summary
Extended archery and crossbow seasons summary

PLEASE NOTE: Deer harvested during the extended archery and crossbow seasons are already included in the archery and crossbow season summaries reported above.

The extended archery and crossbow seasons are offered only in annually selected Farmland Zone deer management units and all metro units from Jan. 8, 2024, through Jan. 31, 2024. 

Historic harvest data for each county can be found on Wisconsin's Deer Metrics System.