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The Gamekeepers

Wisconsin Wildlife Conservation from WCD to CWD

"The Gamekeepers: Wisconsin Wildlife Conservation from WCD to CWD" documents the rich history of the development of the profession of wildlife conservation in Wisconsin and how game management, as a science, evolved since 1832. The creation of the DNR as an agency is discussed as well as the colorful history of the wildlife professionals involved in Wisconsin's wildlife conservation and management over a 176-year period -- from 1832-2008. "The Gamekeepers" is a fascinating and entertaining read!

Author, Dave Gjestson, born and raised in Wisconsin, has a 31-year history with the Department of Natural Resources, beginning in 1968. He worked as a game manager in southern Wisconsin, a Land Acquisition and Regulations Specialist for the Bureau of Wildlife Management and completed his career in the Bureau of Property Management as the Policy and Planning Analyst in 1999. After retirement, Dave spent two years researching the documented history of wildlife conservation in Wisconsin as well as interviewing countless DNR employees -- retired and active. The writing of the book was completed seven years later, in 2008.

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