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Boreal Chorus Frog

Pseudacris maculata

pseutris.jpegPhoto Credit: A.B. Sheldon

Family: Hylidae (Treefrogs)
Status: Common
Size: 0.7 to 1.2 inches

Boreal Chorus Frog video [exit DNR]

The boreal chorus frog is pale green or tan with three long, broken, and brown stripes running lengthwise along the body. An additional stripe runs from the nostril, through the eye, to the rear legs. Under this stripe is a white line running the length of the lip. The limbs have dark spots or crossbars.

Species range (darker) in Wisconsin

Marshes, wet prairies, river-bottom forests, shrub wetlands and old moist fields are favored habitats. The chorus frog's call resembles the sound produced when running your fingernail over a fine tooth comb. Chorus frogs call from within grassy clumps in water and are nearly impossible to visually locate.