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Gray Treefrog

Hyla versicolor

hyla_vers_004.jpegPhoto Credit: Wisconsin DNR, Tara Bergeson

Family: Hylidae (Treefrogs)
Status: Common
Size: 1.25 to 2.0 inches

Gray Treefrog video [exit DNR]

The chameleon-like gray treefrog changes color with temperature or substrate color. Their background color varies from gray to green with blackish mottling. Unlike the Cope's gray treefrog, gray treefrogs do not lose their mottling when warm, although it may fade. In all cases, gray treefrogs have a white spot below each eye and bright yellow inner thigh markings.

Species range (darker) in Wisconsin

Toe pads are pronounced and serve as suction cups to cling to various surfaces. Their call is more melodic than the Cope's. This species will call beyond the breeding season, especially on warm, rainy or humid days. Gray treefrogs are forest and large woodlot dwellers and breed in semi-permanent to permanent wetlands.