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Warden Recruitment

Become a Wisconsin Conservation Warden

Since 1879, conservation wardens have been proudly protecting the people and natural resources of Wisconsin.

Conservation wardens are credentialed law enforcement officers who work throughout the state, enforcing all natural resource and recreation safety laws, educating the public on conservation topics and providing law enforcement services on state parks, forests and trails. We are committed to creating a culture of inclusivity, building trusting relationships, and thoughtfully engaging and serving our diverse public.

The conservation warden career is both unique and rewarding, and requires candidates with a passion for helping others, communication skills and an appreciation for the outdoors.

Current Hiring Opportunities

The Hiring Process

Explore the Wisconsin DNR Warden hiring process.

Preparing to become a Conservation Warden

Get to know the Wisconsin DNR and learn what conservation wardens do before you apply.

The First Year of Training – What to Expect

Newly hired warden recruits receive 12 months of training. Learn about what to expect.

A Diversity of Opportunities

DNR Warden positions offer the opportunity to gain experience, specialize and promote.

A Day in the Life of a Warden

Learn about the daily duties Wardens perform.


Wardens receive a wide range of benefits for their service. Find out what the benefits are.

Recruitment Photo Library

Photos and other images associated with Warden Recruiting
Recruitment Photo Library

Recruiting Newsletter

Explore past and present Warden recruitment newsletters.
Recruiting Newsletter

Community Service Officer (CSO) Summer Position/Internship

Find out more about CSO positions available throughout the state.
Community Service Officer (CSO) Summer Position/Internship