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Snowmobile Enforcement Patrol Grant

Snowmobiling in Wisconsin

This grant is issued to Wisconsin sheriff departments that participate in snowmobile enforcement efforts. The DNR can provide up to 100% of county net cost for the enforcement of snowmobile regulations. Actual funding received is based on total allotted funds split between participating agencies.

Eligible applicants

Sheriff departments are eligible to receive grants for snowmobile patrols.

Application information

Read the Snowmobile/ATV Safety Patrol Manual (LE-503) [PDF] for details on how to apply.

Submit a Notice of Intent to Patrol (Form 8700-059) [PDF] on or before June 1 of the patrol year.

Submit the form to:

Snowmobile Administrator, LE/8
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707-7921


Type Form No. Form Name
Prior to Patrol 8700-590A Intent to Patrol [PDF]
Patrol Activities 8700-089 Enforcement Patrol Daily Log [PDF]
8700-090 Enforcement Patrol Monthly Report [PDF]
Accident Forms 4100-174 ATV/Snowmobile Operator Incident Report [PDF]
4100-203 ATV/Snowmobile Officer Report Form [PDF]
Audit Paperwork 8700-060A State Aid Application - Snowmobile/ATV [PDF]
8700-061A Salary Schedule [PDF]
8700-062 Travel, Materials, and Supply Schedule [PDF]
8700-063A Depreciation Schedule-Straight Line Method [PDF]
8700-064 Record of Violations [PDF]

Contact information

For information on these grants, please contact your local recreation warden [PDF].