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Apply to Host a Trail Camera


Apply to volunteer as a trail camera host and receive a unique opportunity to view local wildlife in their natural habitat. For the statewide project application, volunteers select one of the 6,000+ survey blocks to monitor their own Snapshot Wisconsin trail camera in an area of their choosing. Applications are accepted for blocks on both private and public land.

Training and equipment are provided free of charge to accepted volunteers. Requirements for participation include access to at least 10 contiguous acres of public or private property, basic computer skills, access to high-speed internet, and the ability to check the camera once every 90 days for at least one year. Bevies of playful otters, gray foxes scurrying up trees, and even bear cubs playing with each other are all just a snapshot away - View the statewide application and select the area you would like to volunteer. 



If hosting a camera isn’t right for you, then consider joining thousands of other volunteers on Zooniverse, a crowdsourcing website for citizen science projects. The photos from our trail cameras are added to Zooniverse, where volunteers from across the globe help classify the wildlife captured in the photos.

Zooniverse is a great way to participate in Snapshot Wisconsin even if you can’t host a camera. Grab a friend or family member and join the community on Zooniverse to discover the wildlife living in Wisconsin!

Photo of elk from a Snapshot trail camera