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Off Highway Motorcycle

Off-highway motorcycle riding in Wisconsin

When Gov. Scott Walker signed 2016 Wis Act 170 into law, the new Off-Highway Motorcycle (OHM) Program was created for Wisconsin. Under Wisconsin Statutes, the OHM Program begins on October 1, 2016.

Wisconsin Statutes define an OHM as any 2-wheeled motor vehicle that is straddled by the operator, that is equipped with handlebars, and that is designed for use off a highway, regardless of whether the motor vehicle is also designed for use on a highway.


OHM Safety Classes

for a safety class to get a safety certification card (operator license).

Register Your OHM

Visit the DNR Permitting page to register your OHM

New regulations for 2020

See what's new in 2020
New regulations for 2020

Off-Highway Motorcycle Regulations

Open and download the OHM regulations
Off-Highway Motorcycle Regulations