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Mercury is a hazardous material that causes serious environmental and human health problems. Although it is found naturally, it is most often released from man-made products like thermometers and fluorescent lights, or produced as a by-product of energy production. Mercury is a bio-accumulative pollutant, which means that it does not break down over time and accumulates in animal tissues.

Fish Consumption Advice

Find advice for eating fish from Wisconsin waters.

Mercury Spills and Cleanup

Learn how to report mercury spills.

About Mercury

Learn about sources of mercury, environmental and health impacts, and more.

Wisconsin's Mercury Ban

Read about the mercury ban in schools and products, as well as how to request an exemption.

Mercury Thermometers

Safe handling and disposal of mercury thermometers.
Mercury Thermometers

Recycling Light Bulbs

Many light bulbs contain mercury. Learn about proper disposal.
Recycling Light Bulbs

Air Toxics and Mercury

Wisconsin regulates air toxics to protect people from harmful air emissions.
Air Toxics and Mercury