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Duck Creek Public Hunting Grounds


Duck Creek Public Hunting Grounds is a 159-acre property located in Columbia County. Find it 4 miles east of Wyocena on Highway G, on the south side of G, section 21 town of Springvale. The property consists of approximately 100 acres of upland and 60 acres of marsh/stream.

This public hunting ground was created in 1972 for public hunting opportunities.

Management Objectives

The Duck Creek Public Hunting Grounds are primarily managed to protect the Duck Creek watershed with the objectives of providing opportunities for hunting, trapping and wildlife watching. Habitat management is aimed at maintaining and restoring native and surrogate flora to the property. Dependent upon funding, the management techniques employed may include prescribed fire, brushing, mowing and other invasive species removal efforts.

For more information on master planning for this and other wildlife areas around the state, visit the property planning page.


The Duck Creek Public Hunting Grounds offers many recreational opportunities:

  • Birding;
  • Canoeing;
  • Cross-country skiing (no designated trail);
  • Fishing;
  • Hiking (no designated trail);
  • Hunting (especially noted for deer, pheasants, mourning doves, turkey [Zone 3] and furbearers);
  • Trapping;
  • Wild edibles/gathering; and
  • Wildlife viewing.


Download [PDF] a map of this property.

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