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Dekorra Public Hunting Grounds

Dekorra Public Hunting Grounds is a 226-acre property located in Columbia County. Find it 8 miles northwest of Poynette off of Highway V just west of Interstate 90/94. The property consists of approximately 15 acres of wetland, 46 acres of upland and 165 wooded acres.

This public hunting ground was established to provide the public with additional hunting and recreating opportunities.


Historically, the primary management objective for Dekorra Public Hunting Grounds was to provide hunting, grassland and other outdoor recreation opportunities. As lands were acquired, marginal farm fields were converted to complement the existing grassland community and provide additional wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities.

Current management objectives focus on protecting the watershed of the Wisconsin River and managing for presettlement vegetation types. This includes maintaining grasslands and savannas and seeking opportunities to increase these cover types. The property is managed on a landscape scale to create smooth transitions between cover types.

The property is monitored for invasive species such as purple loosestrife and honeysuckle. Biotic control for purple loosestrife also occurs on this property. Prairie and savanna areas are managed and maintained through prescribed burning, mowing and herbicide use to limit brush encroachment and encourage vigorous grasslands. Wetlands are managed through limited disturbance to prevent the spread of reed canary grass. Woodlands are managed in a manner that limits the spread of oak wilt and encourages regeneration of oak and hickory.

For more information on master planning for this and other wildlife areas around the state, visit the property planning page.


The Dekorra Public Hunting Grounds offers many recreational opportunities:

  • Birding;
  • Cross-country skiing (no designated trail);
  • Fishing;
  • Hiking (no designated trail);
  • Hunting (especially noted for deer, squirrels, furbearers and turkey);
  • Trapping;
  • Wild edibles/gathering; and
  • Wildlife viewing.

Download [PDF] a map of this property.

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