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Find a VPA property by interactive map

Important: Do not contact landowners of VPA properties asking for permission to access VPA properties. The success and future of the VPA-HIP depend on ensuring landowners' continued interest. Please follow the Code of Conduct [PDF - English | Hmong | Spanish] and reference the frequently asked questions [PDF] before accessing VPA properties.

Use the interactive map below to zoom into a VPA property location. Once zoomed in, click on the property to access information about and a link to a PDF map of the property. In the pop-up box, click the 'LINK TO PDF MAP' link and a PDF will download. Or, choose a county in the table to access a PDF map of individual properties.

Avoid trespassing on neighboring private properties by downloading a free PDF map viewer application from your phone's app store so that you can navigate VPA property maps when offline. Contact the VPA Coordinator for more information, or visit the Voluntary Public Access & Habitat Incentive Program webpage.



The department web mapping applications contain the most current information about DNR properties and private lands under DNR management with public access for hunting and recreational activities. Please be aware that third-party web mapping applications (e.g., Google Maps, commercial mapping companies, etc.) may display erroneous boundaries of these properties. To ensure that you can reach your intended area and avoid trespassing, use DNR web mapping applications to plan your outing. Confirm the ownership of non-DNR public land (e.g., municipal, county, federal), tribal land and private land through other means, and recognize that on-ground postings and property boundary signs override property boundaries shown in DNR and third-party web mapping applications and should be respected.