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Glacial Heritage Area (GHA)

Springdale Township
The Glacial Heritage Area project is a coordinated series of parks, preserves, wildlife and natural areas and other conservation lands in Jefferson County that are linked together and to nearby cities and villages with different types of trails. This network of "strings and pearls" will provide readily accessible opportunities for residents and visitors to get outdoors to hike, bike, watch wildlife, fish, paddle, hunt, camp, cross country ski, ride horses and participate in other nature-based activities.


Create a coordinated network of places and corridors that:

  • enables and encourages a variety of compatible and sustainable outdoor recreation uses;
  • preserves, restores and protects significant habitats;
  • benefits and integrates with local economic growth and farmland protection efforts;
  • enhances the quality of life by maintaining and improving the land and water resources that underpin the economy; and
  • helps residents and visitors maintain a strong connection to the natural world.